Experience EM Normandie for yourself!

Experience life at EM Normandie: student societies, cooperative agreements, studies abroad, and more.
As a student at EM Normandie, you will enjoy a unique experience, during which you will be invited to engage with the School’s academic and social life and push your personal and professional boundaries. This extends to study abroad through exchanges with our partner universities and to the business world, with EM Normandie encouraging students to invest in their professional future and help to make the School’s more dynamic.

The whole EM Normandie Community (Student Societies, Alumni, Link Office, and support services) works hand in hand to make your EM Normandie experience unforgettable: a collective, scalable and ambitious undertaking, which builds a sense of belonging to a community of engaged graduates.

From school to a business career

Your professional success in is our priority at EM Normandie. Throughout your education, you will be given exposure to your future professional setting through schemes including internships, consulting projects, apprenticeship tracks, and networking events with professionals to give you the keys you...

A world to explore

Give your CV a distinctly international dimension by immersing yourself in other cultures, broadening your horizons at home experiencing one or more periods of living and working in other countries.

With 200 partner universities and two international campuses of its own, the School enables you to...

Student society life

It’s a true breathing space in any Business School: Student Society Life brings extra dynamism to EM Normandie campuses by offering exciting events and projects, in all domains: culture, sports, humanitarian and professional activities, or just for fun.

Campus Life: the facilities

Come and experience life at EM Normandie in full, while enjoying the many facilities offered across each of the School’s campuses. With Sporting facilities, catering, Media Centres and PC rooms, everything has been designed to ensure your wellbeing and success at EM Normandie.

Student services

To make your study path within EM Normandie easier and ensure your success, the School offers relevant services to meet your full range of needs.

Events to bring the EM Normandie Community together

Orientation week, inter-campus sports days, and the graduation ceremony are just some of the events in the life of students and the school that help to create a sense of belonging to the EM Normandie community and maintaining our sense of spirit!

A next-generation Business School

To ensure your experience at EM Normandie is as exciting as possible, the school is very active in social networking.

The EM Normandie community

EM Normandie has a dynamic, robust community to rely on, and which helps to make your day-to-day experience at the School easier.