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EM Normandie’s 75 associations and projects are the beating heart of student life, lighting up our campuses with cultural, sporting, humanitarian and professional activities and celebratory events.

Knowledge alone is a positive thing, but it can be used to achieve so much more when used for a meaningful purpose. EM Normandie offers a broad and dynamic range of associations which offer each student the chance to build and lead projects, develop their talents, and above all to share new, character-building experiences which have the potential to shape their future.

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Get involved in a project with a purpose!

Help to build a school in Peru, organise an international Rugby tournament, launch an eSport or digital culture project, offer wine-tasting evenings or coordinate music events. With 17 student societies and more than 75 associations and related projects to get involved in, you will always be part of a unique experience.

EM Normandie’s associations allow you to pursue your passions.


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Community & Sustainable Development


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List of associations to join
Community & Sustainable Development division

Lama’ttitude - Le Havre

Lama'ttitude helps disadvantaged children in Peru’s second largest city, Arequipa. This year, students raised more than €13,000 to help improve the daily lives of these children. The association helps to build classrooms, provides school supplies, delivers lessons and teaches young people about the importance of hygiene. This is an extremely rewarding and memorable experience.

Capt’EM Hope - Caen

Do you dream of a more inclusive society for people with disabilities? Capt’EM Hope organises awareness-raising events, including sporting events for both able-bodied and disabled primary and secondary school students.

On Agit Caen ? - Caen

This association promotes green issues and sustainable development, helps to change consumer habits and raises student awareness of the climate challenges which we face.

This environmentally friendly and forward-looking association runs awareness campaigns with students, improves the campus recycling system, creates organic gardens and green spaces, identifies organic products and even organises city waste collections!

La P'tite Escapade - Paris

Every year, this association sets itself the challenge of providing holidays to disadvantaged children. It organises trips in partnership with non-profit organisation Secours Populaire, and endeavours to provide children with a unique experience such as a holiday by the sea.

Arts & Culture division

Arts and Culture Society (Bureau des Arts et de la Culture) – Caen, Le Havre, Paris, Oxford

The Arts and Culture Society’s raison d’être is to ensure that arts activities (music, cinema, cuisine etc.) are freely available to all. The association also holds training workshops on how to use creative tools (e.g. photo, video etc.), to develop students’ artistic talents.

Gal’Art 2019 video

Oenology - Caen, Le Havre, Paris, Oxford

Interested in finding out more about oenology and tasting fine wines? Our four associations will introduce you to the main wine-growing regions worldwide and the best vintages. With Wine Not? In Paris, AHJAV in Le Havre, Wine More Time in Oxford and In Vino Veritas in Caen, you’re sure to find an association which is to your taste! 

Electro Sundays - Caen

Do you long for a break from your Sunday routine? Then join us at Electro Sundays! One Sunday per month, the association organises electro music concerts open to all in an eclectic range of venues, with a chilled vibe.

Student Life division

Student Council (Bureau des Élèves) Caen, Le Havre, Paris, Oxford

The Student Council performs the vital role of organising student social evenings, welcoming new arrivals and coordinating campus events. This key Business School association unites the student community and adds sparkle to student life.

Business division

Normandie Junior Conseil - Caen, Le Havre, Paris

NJC is run like a real consultancy firm, helping its clients conduct studies and researching strategic solutions to meet client requirements and boost development. Members can use the NJC to gain experience and professional skills.

Jobs Services – Caen, Le Havre

The Jobs Services association offers students the opportunity to generate additional income. Roles include handing out flyers, hosting and reception jobs, “mystery shopper” surveys, questionnaire admin and more. For its members (tasked with finding the jobs), the association is an ideal springboard in order to learn how to identify commercial prospects, recruit students and gain professional skills in the commercial and human resources fields.

EM'Bassadors - Caen, Le Havre, Paris, Oxford

EM’Bassadors members help to promote and raise the profile of EM Normandie at trade shows and exhibitions both in France and in other countries. The association plays a key role in working with the School’s promotional department to recruit future students. Members develop their contact and advisory skills, as well as their ability to pitch and present their case.

Sport & Adventure division

Sports Society (Bureau des Sports) Caen, Le Havre, Paris, Oxford

The Sports Society gets EM Normandie moving by organising multiple events and sporting competitions both on- and off-campus. If you’re brimming with energy and would like to try a sport or physical activity, the Sports Society is just what you’re looking for! We have a range of sports to suit all, including football, running and tennis.

Jump’EM - Caen 

Jump’EM members are both horse riding amateurs and professionals who organise the only official beach horse jumping competition organised by students. The annual event, held at Ouistreham beach, requires members to demonstrate their skills by finding sponsors, taking care of communications, and organising and managing the event. 

Sémineige inter-campus - Paris

The Sémineige is an inter-campus event organised by students who are also snow sports enthusiasts, and is a highlight of the winter student calendar. The team is responsible for a number of tasks including researching venues, hosting the trip and staying within budget. They put in a great deal of effort to provide EM students with a spectacular holiday in the mountains. The association’s 2020 destination was Les Deux Alpes ski resort.

International Life Division

International Student Council/Global Village - Caen, Le Havre

The role of the International Student Council and the Global Village is to ensure that all international students feel at home at EM Normandie. They organise events such as Orientation Days, which include campus and city visits. They also match students with mentors, organise evening events, world cuisine workshops and trips to popular French cultural destinations including Mont Saint Michel and Disneyland.

Association project

If you are following the Master in Management, in the second year (U2), you have the option to join an organisation as part of a community project.

You can work in a variety of roles, including creating marketing materials, business development, events management and logistics. This opportunity will enable you to find out more about the non-profit sector, develop your skills and hone your professional plans.

Projects fully incorporated into courses

Every week, students are given time to dedicate to community projects. This provides an opportunity to put their learning into practice, develop new skills and learn to work as a team. The school supports all of these initiatives. It provides support and training to students of all stages of the project.

All projects are encouraged and will be assessed. The primary mission of EM Normandie’s associations and societies is to enable students to start to gain professional skills, show initiative and to learn through trial and error. And for some lucky students, they will be a springboard to transforming their passion into a job!

Pierre-Guillaume Villedary

While I was studying at EM Normandie, I was the Vice-President of the Arts Society. Our role was to organise events to promote the arts within the School. This experience was the starting point of my entrepreneurial career, and the point at which I realised that I was drawn to the communications sector. I also met my business partner through the School’s associations. We went on to launch our startup, WebexpR, which specialises in business communications. This startup has now grown into a medium-sized business with around 30 employees. We generate a substantial turnover which has since enabled us to launch two further companies!

Pierre-Guillaume Villedary, Graduate of Master in Management, 2016
Co-founder of WebexpR, Desk IT et AG Print

An emotional group adventure

César, Louis, Cyril and Olivier had a dream: to spend a year cycling the Silk Road. They used the association pathway to create Colybride association, and make their dream come true.

Association Colybride

We cycled the roads of Eurasia, through a variety of landscapes, meeting people we would always remember. The trip taught us more about ourselves, our group and others, and we lived through some emotional experiences. We alternated between lamenting the impossible nature of our task, and being completely in our element. We also worked with NGOs to apply the community skills we had learned at the School.

Using this learning for a good cause was immensely satisfying. These thousands of kilometres that we spent on our bikes reminded us that our planet provides an infinite wealth of new experiences, and that we are all human, regardless of our nationality, beliefs or political opinions. We were thankful to be able to wake up every morning in a different place, using a stream or river as our bathroom, carrying our entire lives in four bags. For us, the real benefit of travelling by bike is that it allowed us to slowly immerse ourselves in each culture.

Louis Fernier, Cyril Dias, César Bygodt et Olivier Lefèvre, graduates of Master in Management, 2018
Projet Colybride