A next-generation business school

A next-generation Business School

To ensure your experience at EM Normandie is as exciting as possible, the school is very active in social networking.

EM Normandie has long understood what is at stake in the digital world and has built an active social media presence to provide a unique, digital experience. The school is currently ranked as one of the most influential Business Schools on social networks. 

A Hyper-connected School

EM Normandie has made digital activities one of its major strategic focal points. Its active social network presence evidences this determination to place digital at the forefront of its thinking and its activities. In this area, the school:

  • Offers new tools and solutions to make your experience on the various social network platforms easier
  • Fosters interactivity and debate between members 
  • Brings together an increasingly large community of followers

With student projects and events, alumni and ex-pat testimonies, breaking news, current affairs, the school’s official pages are updated daily by a dedicated team, while students themselves make contributions to the official pages on some social networks.  

Learn more about the best items on the School by following EM Normandie on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Snapchat.

A next-generation school

EM Normandie, at the Top of the Table of Most Influential Schools

Each year, the school has one of the highest rankings among the most influential Business Schools on social media. Rankings are established on the basis of a variety of criteria, such as the size of the community, the engagement ratio, and the kind of content published.

EM Normandie is ranked fifth on the DigiSchool ranking for its presence and visibility on social media.

The school also appears in other rankings, which are specific to each social network: 

Facebook (Business Cool) 3rd out of 40 schools (February 2018)
Instagram (Business Cool) 1st out of 36 schools (January 2019)
Twitter (Headway Advisory) 10th out of 20 schools (June 2019)

Become a Junior Community Manager!

Each year, the digital media team renews its pool of Junior Community Managers by selecting one JCM per campus at the start of the academic year to facilitate the school’s social networks. 

Working closely with the digital media team, you will be responsible for producing content (including photos and videos) for the various platforms, which is a great way to engage with the EM Normandie community and to be a leading light in student life on your campus.  

‘Being a JCM for EM Normandie is a great opportunity, since I intend to work in the media after graduation. 
We are 2.0 news reporters for the school, producing attractive and creative content (videos, photos) to cover the school’s events as comprehensively as possible.’’  
Julie Nith, year 3 student and  JCM for the Le Havre Campus

Community Manager Junior

The HackUarium: the School’s Social Room

The HackUarium, which opened in June 2018, is a social media room for EM Normandie and is located on the Le Havre campus. EM Normandie was one of the very first business schools to have a dedicated space for social network management.

The social room is equipped with wide screens, which show the content posted by the School, with live updates 24 hours a day. This enables you to analyse and monitor social networks. The studio also features a green background wall and video and audio equipment to create original, exclusive content (including Facebook live broadcasts, Snapchat videos, stories, etc.) to be posted on the various platforms. 

It is also a forum where you can exchange ideas with digital media teams and other students in the school in a stimulating environment that encourages collaborative working.

‘The HackUarium is an asset for the JCM team. We now have an office in which to work on our various digital projects. The equipment available allows us to develop new skills, such as web TV/web radio hosting and greenscreen inlaying!’ "
Benjamin Pasek, year 3 student and JCM on the Le Havre campus.

The Caen, Paris, Oxford and Dublin campuses will soon be equipped with their own social media rooms. 

Social room

Social Network Charter

In view of the public character and easy access of all social media platforms, and the responsibility that they imply, EM Normandie has established a social network users’ charter

This social networking charter applies to all EM Normandie students and staff who already use internal or external social networks, or who would like to do so.  
It aims at informing you and helping you to achieve a greater understanding of your personal use of social networks and to comply with current regulations, while preserving EM Normandie’s brand image and your own online reputation.   

Elise Lesaunier
Digital Media Manager