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As a strategic tool in the decision-making process for future students and their parents, press rankings provide a global view of business schools and the quality of their training.

EM Normandie in the rankings

EM Normandie and its training programmes are among the top rankings published each year by the national and international media. Built around criteria and methodologies specific to each publication, these rankings assess the quality of pedagogy, teaching staff and research, selectivity, international openness (quality of the portfolio of partners, campuses abroad, etc.), accreditation and national school labels. They also measure the professional integration of young graduates, their satisfaction with the school, relations with companies (partnerships, students' professional experience during the course, work-study programmes, internships, etc.).

EM Normandie in the rankings

Best European Business Schools

Financial Times
81th December 2019

Master in Management (Programme Grande Ecole) - Rankings of best post-baccalaureate and post "classes préparatoires" business schools awarding the "grade de Master"

19th December 2019
18th December 2019
19th November 2019
Le Figaro Etudiant
21th November 2019
Financial Times
74st September 2019
QS World University Rankings
71st September 2019
Le Parisien Etudiant
16th May 2019
Le Point
20th February 2019

Master in Management (Programme Grande Ecole) - Rankings of best post-baccalaureate business schools

4th December 2019
8th December 2019
Le Figaro Etudiant
3rd November 2019
6th November 2019
Le Parisien Etudiant
2nd May 2019
Le Moci
4th February 2019

Bachelor in International Management

5th December 2019
13th December 2019
Le Parisien Etudiant
7th March 2019
Le Moci
6th February 2019
1st February 2018

MS, MSc and EMBA - National Rankings - Eduniversal

MSc Cross-Cultural Marketing and Negotiation 1st February 2019
MS Marketing, communication et ingénierie des produits agroalimentaires 4th February 2019
MSc International Events Management 5th February 2019
MS Str@tégies de développement et territoires 6th February 2019
MSc Supply Chain Management 16th February 2019
MSc International Logistics and Port Management 18th February 2019
MS Manager des ressources humaines 20th February 2019

MS, MSc and EMBA - International Rankings - Eduniversal

MSc International Events Management 12th July 2019
MS Str@tégie de Développement & Territoires 20th July 2019
MSc International Logistics and Port Management 20th July 2019
MS Marketing, Communication et Ingénierie des Produits Agroalimentaires 28th July 2019
MSc Cross-Cultural Marketing and Negotiation 26th July 2019
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