From school to a business career

From school to a business career

Throughout your studies, EM Normandie does its very best to encourage your integration into your professional career, with a Career Path Scheme, Cooperative Programmes, Internships, In-company Consulting, and networking events with professionals.
Your professional success in is our priority at EM Normandie. Throughout your education, you will be given exposure to your future professional setting through schemes including internships, consulting projects, apprenticeship tracks, and networking events with professionals to give you the keys you need to pursue a career that suits you.
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Career Path Scheme: show your talents!

The career path is a unique and step by step professional support scheme towards employment, and it is open to all students.

Focus on building professional skills

Giving you the skills to develop a professional career is one of EM Normandie’s key priorities. As a true springboard to your future employment, the School helps you to develop experience throughout your study path, with Internships, Cooperative Programmes, In-company Junior Consulting Projects and...
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Focus on Business School Cooperative Programmes

Cooperative programmes are an opportunity for you to launch your career quickly and successfully. Three tracks are offered to make it easier for you to get your career off to a flying start!
EM Normandie celebrates its graduates!

Graduate career success

The EM Normandie Graduates clearly demonstrate successful outcomes, with an 88.2% net employment rate for the Grande Ecole Programme. This pathway to career success is made easier thanks to the many schemes set up by the School and its Alumni Network, which has 16,000 members

Dare to start a business, join the InsIDE Incubator

The Institut de l’Innovation et du Développement de l’entrepreneuriat (InsIDE) at EM Normandie will support you as you pursue your business start-up project.